It was a hot, humid day, June 30, 2002, when the band performed at the historic Cane Ridge Meeting House in Bourbon Co., KY.  It was a most special day playing in such a spiritual setting.


    A banjo picker's dream - - an audience that won't get up and leave when he starts to play ! ! ! ! ! 



     The November 8, 2002 gig was for a really wonderful bunch of folks, the deacons' dinner at the Springs Hotel for Trinity Baptist Church.  Unfortunately, Pat's mother was ill and in the hospital so she wasn't able to play that evening.  How in the world would the band's "engine" be able to run without its spark plug?  Our "knight in shining armor", Homer Ledford, came to the rescue!  Homer would also play with the band at the Crestwood Christian Church's "Songs of Christmas" on December 8, 2002 where he played 3 songs with all 5 members of the band.  A additional treat that evening was Homer and the BBB accompanying Cane Ridge Revival's women's trio (Julie McDonald, Anne Haynes and Katherine Steckler) performing Mr. Ledford's wonderful seasonal song "Christmas Memories".

     Homer hand-crafted Bill's banjo and also got Jane her bass.  The band is quite thankful for the gift of Homer's friendship and many special talents!


     The date was March 1, 2003.  Three of the band members and 4 friends drove Dumbo the bus to Owensboro, KY to visit the new International Bluegrass Music Museum where two of the BBB members ended up playing in a jam session at the museum.  Everyone had dinner that evening in the Rosine General Store in Rosine, KY, the home place of Bill Monroe and the home of bluegrass music.  The museum is a wonderful facility and well worth the visit! (picture courtesy Greg Lang)


     On June 20th, 2003, the evening before the gig at Blue Heron in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation area, the band, along with family and friends, took ALCO locomotive #105 and the new #1005 passenger car at the Big South Fork Scenic Railway for a Friday evening trip.  They parked the train on the banks of the South Fork of the Cumberland River and had a wonderful picnic overlooking the river.



     Saturday, June 21st was a great day playing in the National Park at Blue Heron.  

This picture of Pat and Homer was too good not to share! (Picture by Gail Higdon)




      On Friday, July 18, 2003, Dumbo took a full load to Owensboro, KY where the band played for Owensboro's "Friday After 5" music series in the courtyard that is part of the International Bluegrass Music Museum Complex.  (Photo by Bill Johnson)


      The "Friday After 5" gig was a perfect evening.  The weather was unusually cool for July and there was a large crowd of great folks who showed up.  Many thanks to Downtown Owensboro, Inc. and the International Bluegrass Museum for their support of this wonderful series.  (Photo by Gayl Higdon)


     Once a ham . . . . . .      (Photo by Gayl Higdon)


February 21, 2004 - First Christian Church, Winston-Salem, NC 


June 14, 2004 at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame in Renfro Valley, KY (Photo by Gayl Higdon)



     On January 15, 2005, we were lucky enough to be able to record a one-hour show for Joe Dobbs' "Music from the Mountains" which airs on West Virginia Public Radio.  The picture on the right shows George Walker, recording technician, and Joe Dobbs at the mike.    It was pure joy working with these two fine gentlemen! (Photos by Katie & Ron Hughes)


The date was May 31, 2008 and the band was honored to play for the dedication of Homer's historic marker at College Park in Winchester, KY.


On Sunday, October 26, 2008 the band performed at the Smithsonian affiliated Bluegrass Heritage Museum in Winchester, KY. (photo by Trey Johnson)


Having too much fun in the dressing room at the Mountain Arts Center, Prestonsburg, KY, February 6, 2010


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